Aarti | आरती संग्रह

Aarti also known as ‘aarthi’, arathi or aarati is derived from Sanskrit word ‘aarati’ which means complete love or devotion therefore aarti is an expression of somebody full and persistent love towards God.  Singing Aarti is the most important part of Hindu Religious Worship/Pooja/Pujan in which light of diya or camphor is offered to God or Goddess .

In simple words ‘AARTI’ means traditional Hindu devotional song that is sung in the worship or pooja.

At Sacred we have complete collection of hindu Aarti (aarti sangrah) of both hindi Aarti and in English translation also. Our Aarti sangrah is bunch of sai baba Aarti, ganpati Aarti, shiv Aarti, durga Aarti, hanuman Aarti, kakad Aarti, siddhivinayak Aarti, krishna Aarti, lakshmi Aarti, maa durga Aarti, etc. You can free download hindi Aarti from our Aarti collection (Aarti Sangrah).

Aarti Sangrah (A collection of Hindi Aarti)

Adinath Aarti
Ahoi Mata Aarti
Ambe Aarti
Annapoorna Devi Aarti
Balaji Aarti
Bhagwat Aarti
Bhairav Aarti
Brihaspati Aarti
Chintpurni Devi Aarti
Chitragupt Aarti
Dattatreya Aarti
Durga Aarti
Ganpati Aarti
Ganga Aarti
Gayatri Aarti
Gaurinandan Aarti
Giriraj Ji Aarti
Gomata Aarti
Govardhan Aarti
Hanuman Aarti
Jagdamba Aarti
Jagdish Aarti
Jankinath Aarti
Kakad Aarti
Kali Maa Aarti
Khatu Shyam Aarti
Kunj Bihari Aarti
Krishna Aarti

lakshmi Aarti
Maharaja Agrasen Ji Aarti
Mahaveer Aarti
Parashuram Aarti
Parvati Mata Aarti
Pitra Aarti
Praitraj Sarkar Aarti
Ramayan Aarti
Ramchandra Aarti
Ramdev Aarti
Ravivar Aarti
Salasar Hanumanji Aarti
Shakambhari Devi Aarti
Shitala Mata Aarti
Shivratri Aarti
Sai Baba Aarti
Santoshi Aarti
Saraswati Aarti
Satyanarayan Aarti
Shani Dev Aarti
Shiv Aarti
Surya Aarti
Tulsi Aarti
Vaishno Mata Aarti
Vindhyeshwari Aarti
Vishnu Aarti
Vishwakarma Aarti


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