Ekadashi Dates 2017 -18

What is Ekadashi (एकादशी ) | Meaning
According to Hindu Mythology s the eleventh day or tithi of the shukla or krishna paksha of every month in the Hindu calendar. Ekadashi is also known as Gyaras.

Significance of Ekadashi
Ekadashi is measured as a time of immense power that’s why in Hindu mythology there is great importance of doing Lord Vishnu puja and vrat on Ekadashi. Also taking dip in Holy River is considered as washing out all your sins.

Ekadashi Fast Benefits (Vrat)
On Ekadashi day moon in fact nurture the subtle nerves and feelings of the heart so it’s very auspicious to keep fast on Ekadashi. Also visiting the Vishnu temple is very auspicious.

Ekadashi Calender 2017 | Dates of Ekadashi Days in 2017
Ekadashi falls twice in a month. Following are the Ekadashi dates for 2017:

03           August                (Thursday)           Shravana Putrada Ekadashi

18           August                 (Friday)                 Aja Ekadashi

02           September         (Saturday)           Parsva Ekadashi

16           September         (Saturday)           Indira Ekadashi

01           October               (Sunday)              Papankusha Ekadashi

15           October               (Sunday)              Rama Ekadashi

31           October               (Tuesday)            Devutthana Ekadashi

14           November          (Tuesday)            Utpanna Ekadashi

30           November          (Thursday)          Mokshada Ekadashi

13           December           (Wednesday)    Saphala Ekadashi

29           December           (Friday)                Pausha Putrada Ekadashi

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