Feng shui for home

Feng shui for home

Did you feel any of the problems at your home……..????

  • People of your home are not able to sleep in night.
  • Children have less concentration towards studies.
  • People having conflicts between them.
  • Surrounding energy is low and stressful.
  • Many areas having clutter.
  • Leakages in many areas of house, electrical break downs.


Feng shui Remedies can be done…………

# Flow of energy

As you enter into your home what will you see at first sight? What you feel the direction of energy is going in which area is that your kitchen, Bedroom or bathroom which is near to your door or the energy is reflecting back because of front facing mirror. Feng shui for home says that the flow of energy should be towards front door. There should not be any obstacle in the flow of energy ,avoid keeping recycling bins, shoes, old pots near the front door.
# Feng shui color for front door

The color of front door also plays significant role for Feng shui for home. The front door in Feng shui is known as “the mouth of chi” i.e. the door for energy to come into your house. This energy will nourish and maintain good health, build happy relationships and professional success. The door absorbs the energy from the universe and circulates into your bedroom, kitchen and purifies the home. So, to get the best quality of energy from the surrounding first the door should be of “south facing” and follow the Feng shui colors for door like red, yellow, orange, purple and strong pink these are the elements of fire. Wood elements colors like green and brown for south facing door also can be used to attract the chi

# Feng shui Clearance of clutter

The storage of unused things, stinky things at different areas of your home will lead to negativity. The clutter is a low and confusing energy that drains positivity from you.     According to Feng shui if clutter is located at some bad points it will affect the good chi of your home. So, you need to declutter your home take away all the things which are in storage from long time. Yes, it is a difficult process because you may have emotional attachment with the items. But you have to be honest and brave to invite good energy to your home.

# Feng shui light and air

Good balance of Air and light are also important for chi to get attracted towards your home. To purify the air of your home open the windows often, you can keep Feng shui plants as air purifier like” Lady Palm “it improves the quality of air inside the home by absorbing the pollutants. “Bamboo Palm” it creates the peace and gives tropical feeling to surroundings.

Light here is the important factor to get chi into your home. Both natural and artificial light affects the energy of your home. Allow maximum of natural light to get inside of every corner of your home. The natural light works as disinfectant to your home.

The natural light gives medicinal values to your body so at least spend few minutes in sunlight daily to absorb the light. Also use full spectrum lights into your rooms.

Science behind it……………..

Feng shui is nothing but the natural science .Feng shui for home tells for attracting the chi or energy to your home; you need to keep your house clean and allow natural air and light to purify the home. And this is what science says clean house will remain more happy and healthy due to its surroundings.


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