Feng Shui for office

Do you face any of these things happening to your business….??

  • Employees having frustration at work
  • Lack of concentration
  • employees not performing
  • Rate of people leaving the organization is increasing etc.


There are some Feng shui Tips for Office:

Feng shui tips do not involves expensive things. There are number of Feng shui products available in the market  according to your requirement. The Feng shui items includes Feng shui tortoise, Feng shui plants etc which are placed at particular points to make the surrounding live.

# The position of your table

The Feng shui suggests that the position of your desk should be in a way, you can see the maximum space of your room also you can see the opening face of the door sitting on your desk. This is also known as the power position.Avoid sitting face to face as it creates conflicts or behind the door or person as it reduces your positivity.

# Feng shui plants

Sometimes the cubical or room in which you are sitting is of irregular shape which will cause continuous stress and frustration towards work. It is not possible to switch the office therefore you can follow Feng shui tip of nine green plant cure in this you have to bring 9 new healthy plants on the same day at your work place and place them all on those places from where you are feeling irregularities like angles from where people look at you or you don’t want to see something.Do not place number of plants at the same place. Always place them on a place where flow of air is smooth.

# Feng shui office colors and lightening

Color and Lightening of the office are also responsible for the efficient working. The lightening of the office should be bright and there can be lamps at every desk with dim light for smoothing the eyes.

Whereas the Feng shui colors for office are responsible for physical and psychological well being. You have to carefully choose the Feng shui colors like sandstone, pale gold, soft yellow are always soothing to eyes. You can also follow yin/yan or Feng shui element principles to create balance in the Feng shui colors. The dark colors show the stability. You can also choose red color to paint at one wall of the room as it is the most dominant color .Psychology says it is activating, powerful, expanding.

# Follow the bhagua

 Apply the bhagua that is the Feng shui Map to your desk. There is different section at your desk points to different aspects of life. The back right corner defines the relationships where as the back left corner resembles the wealth. Following the bhagua you can make your work place alive. If you are going to build a new office than apply the Map before construction. This will balance the flow of wind and water between the rooms.

# Feng shui office furniture

The furniture of office is also important to be placed properly. The desk chairs should be lined up properly. The furniture should not have sharp corner because it causes irritation negativity in the room. They are of round corners.

Also the most important thing the chairs should provide back support to the employees. If the chairs are not comfortable the person loses his concentration from work. Also it causes  health issues in long hours sitting jobs.

Science behind it……….

Feng shui has science behind it i.e. the natural science. We know that Feng shui is balancing between the flow of wind and water in our surrounding that is the science we are using to get the solution of our problems. It can be understood as if the climate is good our mood automatically changes and we plan to go for fun this is the impact of our surrounding. Similarly studies are done on natural science by knowing the proper color, place, things and we come up with the Feng shui tips to make our surrounding healthy, powerful and to bring fortune.

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