Fengshui for Bedroom

Fengshui for Bedroom

Did you face any of these problems in your Bedroom……..????

  • You are not able to sleep completely.
  • Anxiety feeling.
  • Bad dreams.
  • Disputes with partner.

Feng shui remedies can be done…………

# Avoid Mirrors reflecting your Bed

Bedroom is the place where our mind and body get relaxed. Having mirrors in the bedroom is considered as a “red flag” or “No” in Feng shui. The mirror facing bed brings the energy from the outside into your personal energy when your body repairs itself in the nighttime. The mirror facing bed means if you sit on the bed it directly reflects your image. Change the spot of the mirror to avoid the reflection. If you are not able to change the place of the mirror then put on curtains in the night.

 # Position of bed

Placing of bed is also important in Feng shui for bedroom. The Bed should not be placed in line with the door or too close to the bathroom, balcony doors because in Fengshui it leads you to get shock by surprises. The Bed away from the doors will make you prepared for the coming situation. The door which is in direct line of vision will make you to have control over your life. The Mattress should be off good quality so that it provides complete support to your body.

Also have the bed which is at a reasonable height above the floor. When we sleep the chi or energy needs to circulate around our body, for this avoid the beds which are having drawers underneath.

 # Avoid TV, desks and other distractions in the Bedroom.

Do not have so many things into the small space it will affect positive energy of your bed .According to Feng shui for Bedroom keeping your desk and television out will make it more relaxed place to rest. People use to have big televisions in their bedroom which is very harmful as it creates unhealthy magnetic field which disturbs your sleep. But still if you are having tv, computers in your bedroom than cover them with scarf when not in use.

 # Use of lighting’s and colors

The lightening and colors are also responsible for creating positive energy into your bedroom. The Feng shui for bedroom says having Feng shui fire elements in the bedroom will attract the good chi or energy. It will bring the romance and passion in your life. The colors through which the balanced can be maintained are orange, red, strong yellow, purple, and pink.

The lighting of the bedroom should not be so bright that it disrupts your sleep. Do not have lights above your bed if you like to read books in the night than keep a lamp besides your bed. Try to get in natural light as much as possible.

# keep these things outside

Avoid keeping plants in your bedroom as it attracts too much chi or energy which is not required when you are resting. Also do not have many books in your bedroom as it creates the place to work. Clean the clutter of your bedroom as it creates uncertainty or confusion about the decisions.

Also avoid having the pictures of your relative’s, friends looking at you as it feels they are watching your activities. Same for the religious pictures do not clutter the walls with many pictures.

Science behind it……………..

Feng shui is all about the natural science we are balancing between the wind and water to attract the good chi in our home. Fengshui for Bedroom says keep away the mirrors, plants, clutter out of your room. Have soft lightening colors in your Bedroom. Science also says that to relax you need to have soft colors around you and clean space. I feel that I have solved your problems by Feng shui tips for bedroom.




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