Fengshui for Kitchen

Fengshui for Kitchen

  Did you face any of these problems in your Kitchen……..????

  • Unappealing Kitchen.
  • Losing interest in cooking.
  • Bad health of the family members.
  • Children don’t have their meal at home.


Feng shui remedies can be done…………

# Kitchen location

The position of the kitchen is important for the healthy and happy life. In Feng shui for Kitchen, the kitchen situated at the centre of house is considered as a big problem therefore shift the kitchen little bit as only a part of it remain at the centre. Avoid having the kitchen in the North West direction as in Feng shui it is the fire at the heaven’s gate. If you are not having option to change than paint it with black and blue color. Also your kitchen should not be near to the front door or back door where energy escapes easily. The ideal place in Feng shui for Kitchen is east or south sector of your home.

# The Oven position

In Fengshui tips for Kitchen the position of the oven also plays a vital role in attracting the chi or energy .The stove or oven is the main appliance which brings the fire energy into the kitchen.

Make sure the oven is not placed next to sink or refrigerator. In Feng shui it is fight between fire and water. If you are not able to change the position than put a green plant between oven and sink. Another thing is do not keep stove at such place where it is directly visible from the front door. Keep curtain or furniture in middle way. Also do not put the stove directly below the beam of light.

# Feng shui herb Garden

Having your own herb garden will make you feel more energized in your kitchen. You can attract the good chi in your kitchen by planting the aromatic herbs. The plants like rosemary, lavender, basil, mint and thyme spreads its aroma all over the kitchen making it fresh and alive. In Fengshui the best place for the wood element of herbs are south, east and south east. But you must keep in mind the direction of energy flow in your kitchen and the sunlight.

# Shapes of the plates and color

Basically there are not particular cures about using the plates and colors for the kitchen. But for the best energy foundation white color plates are best to use. You may have observed that big hotels always use white plates to serve the food. The clean white plates are like canvas where always fresh picture is drawn. The plates of round shape have the harmonious movement and have the fresh smooth energy flow which makes to enjoy food more.

Science behind it……………..

The science behind it is that the plants always refresh the surrounding here also plants in kitchen refreshing the environment. Clean plates and bowls keep you away from illness. And the flow of winds from front door to outdoor balances the energy. I hope I have solved your some problems by providing Tips for Feng shui for Kitchen.


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