Fengshui for Living room

Fengshui for Living room

Did you face any of these problems in your living room……..????

  • Guest doesn’t stays for the longer time.
  • Lazy feeling while sitting in the living area.
  • Room is not peaceful and inviting.

 Feng Shui tips for living room

# Opening of door

The opening of door should be seen by you sitting directly in the living room. This will make you prepared for any situation that comes. If you are having the door behind your sitting place than it causes you to get bad surprises and miss out the opportunities in life. Placing a mirror can solve this problem but be sure you cannot see your own reflection standing at the door.

# Furniture arrangement

The arrangement of the furniture should be in such a way that it can make energy flow smooth throughout the room. The main sofa should be placed against the wall it resembles the support in life. The small sofas can be placed against the window.

# Clock and Mirror Placing

The mirror can be placed on those areas where it reflects the outside view. Like healthy growing plants, waterfall, garden etc.The view of greenery brings energy while the view of mountains shows the strong relationship.

The placing of clocks is also responsible for the good feel in the living area. The clock is the center piece of the living room. You can have a big unique clock which looks like an art for the living room. The small clocks get attention if they are crowded with pictures.

# Water body placement

Living room looks great if they have some water bodies in decoration. Aquarium is a best décor for the room you can see another world right in front and it is a source of relaxation. Placing the aquarium in the south east direction will attract the health in your home. Prefer to have a square or rectangular shape aquarium. Fountains are also good options for living room decoration. The pleasant sound of water makes us feel relaxing and you will get lots of career achievements and promotions in job if you place it in north.

# Cabinets and TV

If you place the TV in your drawing room it automatically catches the attention therefore placing it diagonally at the corner will disrupt the attention. There are many fancy cabinets are available in which you can place your TV and decorative items together.

# Pictures in Drawing room

Decorate your living room with the beautiful conceptual pictures. Do not place images which are sad,lonely,violent.It makes you feel depressive and lower down the energy of the room. Also do not use confusing images which do not show the concept. Have your family photo in a metal frame and keep it to the west it will bring family luck.

Science Behind it…………

The Feng shui is all about natural science placing the furniture well to allow wind flow easily, using the motivational pictures will increases your energy level and sound of water bodies will make you relaxed. This is all maintain the balance with wind and water.

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