Fengshui for Shop

Fengshui for Shop


Did you face any of these problems at your Shop……..????

  • Sales of your products are low.
  • Workers have low energy towards job.
  • Business is not expanding from long time.
  • Less customer retention.

Feng shui Remedies can be done…………

# Entrance of shop

The Entrance of your shop or store should not be blocked with any obstacle. In feng shui for shop if you walk 10 feet from outside the sight should be clear up to entrance point. The obstacle may be anything like plants, boards, trees etc you should clear them all and open the gateway for chi to enter into your shop. First impression of the shop attracts the customer to come, have something unique at the entrance like art work, decorative plant anything which catches the eyes of people. It will focus their energy to your shop.

# Color and Lightening

Color and lightening of the shop is also given importance in feng shui. The lighting must be good  as it make  workers feel motivated and visitors also feel happy .Avoid having dark areas in your shop they look lifeless. Also do not use conflicting colors in large areas. Follow feng shui 5 elements which are having their own color to attract the chi.

# Location of the Desk

Your counter desk is the place where you have all the income of your shop. In Feng shui for shop the ideal place to keep the desk is diagonally from the entrance it is also called as commanding position. You can easily watch who is coming to the shop and can be prepared for any situation.

# Atmosphere of the shop

Atmosphere of the shop leads to the emotion of buyer. If he feels good and energetic coming to your shop than he will definitely buy the products and come again. The energy of the shop should be good and fresh like having several levels of lightening, use of vibrant scents to increase the quality of air, good music. Also rearrange the items of the shop and allow the customer to discover. Design several different pathways with different energies, lights, smells, heights.

# Respect your customers

In Feng shui for shop it is believed that allow customer to explore things by himself like touch, sight, smell etc without asking to the sales person. Sometimes continuously asking for the need of customer irritates him and creates a buying pressure on him. This will create a bad image of the shop and he will never come again.

Science behind it……………..

If you have gone through my feng shui tips for shop here we are trying to attract the customer’s energy by different ways toward our business. Here the science is we are focusing their mind towards us and making them to like our product. Hope my solutions for feng shui for shop will help you to expand your business.


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