How to Please Lord Ganesh

How to Please Lord Ganesh?

Devotees can please Shree Lord Ganesha by offering 21 blades of Durva Grass.
Devotees can please Lord Ganapati by offering Modak/Motichoor ke ladoo during Ganesh puja.
Worship Bhagwan Ganesh on Wednesday to please him.

What are benefits of Ganesh puja?

Lord Ganesha worship reduces physical and mental stress.
Your intellect powers get sharpens.
The raja-tama in the worshiper is smashed.
Your vital energy increases.
Your Adnya-chakra is activated.
The subtle body of the worshiper is purified.
The worshiper’s all monetary difficulties go off.

When should we do Ganesh Puja?

Wednesday is the best day for worshipping lord Ganesha.
Ganesh Chaturthi is the auspicious day for Ganesh pujan.
Worship Ganesha before starting any new business/new work /before starting any auspicious puja or marriage.

Why we should do Ganesh Puja?

According to astrology, Wednesday is considered the day of planet Mercury, which is believed to be the planet of success, lord Ganesha is also the lord of success. If Mercury is weak in your horoscope then you must worship lord Ganesha on Wednesdays. It will also bring good luck and fortune in your life.

5 essential things for Ganesh Puja
1. Modak
2. Dhruva Grass
3. Marigold/Genda
4. Conch Shell/Shankh
5. Fruits(Banana/Sugarcane)
Where to Place Ganesha Idol At Home?

The back of Ganesh idol should always be facing wall not any door or window of the room.
Never place Lord Ganesha Idol in Southern direction of house.
Best direction to place Ganpati Idol is east or west.
Northeast corner of your home is best location to worship Lord Ganesha.
Never place the Ganesha idol across a wall that is attached to the bathroom.
Always put pure metal Lord Ganesha Idol in Home.
Never place Lord Ganesha Idol under staircase of your home.

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