Karthigai Nakshatra Dates 2016

What is Karthigai Nakshatra| Meaning

According to Hindu Mythology it falls every month and in Hindu calendar it is celebrated as Vrischika. Karthigai Nakshatra is dedicated to Lord shiva. Karthigai Nakshatra is also known as Karthikai Deepam which is celebrated by Tamil hindus.

Significance of Karthigai Nakshatra

Karthigai Nakshatra is believed as the time of immense power that’s why worshipping lord shiva and keeping vrat has great importance in Hindu mythology.

Karthigai Nakshatra Fast Benefits (Vrat)

On this day, the devotees observe strict fast and light up their hoses with lamps, deepak. Also break their fast after having darshan of lord shiva.

Karthigai Nakshatra  Calender 2016 | Dates of Karthigai Nakshatra Days in 2016

 Following are the Karthigai Nakshatra dates for 2016:

01-Jan (Thursday) Masik Karthigai
28-Jan (Wednesday) Masik Karthigai
24-Feb (Tuesday) Masik Karthigai
24-Mar (Tuesday) Masik Karthigai
20-Apr (Monday) Masik Karthigai
18-May (Monday) Masik Karthigai
14-Jun (Sunday) Masik Karthigai
11-Jul (Saturday) Masik Karthigai
07-Aug (Friday) Masik Karthigai
04-Sep (Friday) Masik Karthigai
01-Oct (Thursday) Masik Karthigai
29-Oct (Thursday) Masik Karthigai
25-Nov (Wednesday) Karthigai Deepam
22-Dec (Tuesday) Masik Karthigai