Not All Flowers Are For Valentine’s Day

Everyone knows that flowers are one of the best kinds of gifts a man can give to a woman on Valentine’s Day. In fact, flowers are the best kinds of gifts a man can give to a woman on any day. Women just simply love flowers, which is why most suggested Valentine’s Day gifts default to flowers. However, you cannot just give your wife or girlfriend any flower.

While there are so many kinds of different and beautiful flowers, there are some flowers that you shouldn’t give on Valentine’s Day. It is mainly because these flowers hold hidden meanings; they symbolize different things. While there are flowers that symbolize and represent good things, there are plenty of other flowers that have negative representations.Flower stores these days sell all kinds of flowers, but most of the flowers they are selling might not be a good flower for Valentine’s Day. Here is a list of flowers you should avoid giving to your girlfriend or wife for Valentine’s Day:

List of flowers and what they symbolize/represent/imply

  • Achillea – This beautiful plant actually symbolizes war.
  • Basil flowers – Presenting these to your loved one is the equivalent of saying “I hate you” to her.
  • Red Bee Balm flowers – Though they look attractive, they essentially say “Your whims are unbearable!”.
  • Striped/Yellow Carnations – These flowers imply rejection and disappointment.
  • Cherry Blossoms – They symbolize false hope.
  • Yellow chrysanthemums – They symbolize depression.
  • Columbine – Giving her this flower is the equivalent of calling her a fool.
  • Crown Imperials – These flowers represent arrogance.
  • Cyclamen – Equivalent to saying “goodbye”.
  • Daffodils – This flower represents vanity.
  • Dahlia –This one represents instability.
  • Hyacinth – This flower represents jealousy.
  • Lavender – It implies distrust.
  • Tiger/Orange/Yellow Lillies – Depending on the kind of Lilly, each one respectively represents pride, hatred and falsehood.
  • Rhododendron – This flower symbolizes danger and agitation.
  • Black Rose – This beautiful but ominous looking flower represents the foreshadowing of death.
  • White Rose – This kind of rose implies fleeting beauty.
  • Yellow Rose – This rose implies the decrease of love.
  • Tansy – Giving this flower is the equivalent of saying you stand against your girl.

Final words and thoughts

As you can see, there are a large number of different flowers with negative meanings. These are only some of the flowers with negative meanings and messages; there may be more. Keep these flowers in mind, as you do not want to give the wrong message to your girlfriend or wife by mistake; do not buy a flower for your girl based on how beautiful they look. It would perhaps be a better idea to buy your girl a different gift altogether, as flowers are a cliché gift and your girl might want something new. If you really must give your girl a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day, do some research and look for flowers that don’t hold any negative meanings or representations, or just save yourself the trouble and settle with some red roses.