Top 10 Business Networking Sites for 2016

What is a Business Networking Site?

Business Networking Site is an online social networking platform which is used to promote the business over the web and generally the user base is business community or professionals. A Business networking site is very good platform for professionals to expand their business within the business community. With the help of these sites you can directly connect to upper level management / sales executives who are looking to build business associations. In this way these sites are the best means to explore business to business networking globally.

The common idea behind these sites is to elucidate your business online to other businesses, so that you can work together.  These sites are also very good platform for recruitment, self-promotion and career networking.

There are number of business sites available but the task is to find the best business sites. Here we would like to suggest you top ten business networking sites which are made by our expert team. This list of best business networking sites for 2015 includes most reputable and top rated business sites.

Top ten Business Networking sites for 2016


Alexa Rank: 13

Page Rank: 9

About:    LinkedIn was founded in 2002.It is a business-oriented social networking service. Here business people can meet other people who may have common business or something of common interest.


Alexa Rank: 235

Page Rank:  6

About: Zillow is the real estate website which allows you to search homes for sale or rent and best feature it has is “zestimates” where you can find home improvement ideas and property details.


Alexa Rank:  298

Page Rank:  5

About:    Fiverr is a place for people to share things and earn 5 bucks! Just about everything from translating a webpage to making a clay figure of a person.


Alexa Rank:  576

Page Rank:  6

About:    Freelance helps you to find a right person for your project. You just have to Post a job with required criteria and then pick the one who is best according to his/her expertise and price.


Alexa Rank: 1234

Page Rank:  7

About:    The Motley Fool is a world’s greatest investment community. The Fool reaches billions of people every month through its website, newspaper, column, books, television, and newsletter.


Alexa Rank: 2386

Page Rank:  7

About:  It is a community which offers people to share professional documents. It offers both paid and free services .you can also share your best pdf or PowerPoint presentations.


Alexa Rank: 2727

Page Rank:  7

About:    UserVoice is the website which allows customers to vote up top ideas that can move their products forward and help to audiences strengthen a company’s brand.


Alexa Rank: 3967

Page Rank:  6

About:    At eToro, the world’s leading social investment network. It helps you to make smarter investment decisions.


Alexa Rank: 4351

Page Rank:  6

About:    It is platform which offers sharing PowerPoint presentations online with colleagues and gets the feedback. Also it allows users to download presentations in the form of video.


Alexa Rank:  5061

Page Rank:  6

About: StockTwits is an information service for investments. Businesses can also share real-time financial news with a verified account.

We have made the list of top 10 business sites for 20156. This will give you great experience of meeting other business people having common interest. Hope this top business sites list will help you to expand your business worldwide.