Top 10 Microblogging Sites for 2017

Micro blogging is a mixture of both blogging and instant messaging that provides users the service to create small messages and then post them on their profile. You can also share images, short sentences or video links called as micro posts.  Commercial micro blogs allow promoting websites, services and products of your business. It also offers some features like privacy setting to control who can read or edit the blog. Some micro blogging services offer many features such as privacy settings, which allow users to control who can read or edit their blog etc.There are number of micro blogging sites available but the task is to find the best micro blogging sites. Here we would like to suggest you top ten micro blogging sites which are made by our expert team. This list of best microblogging sites for 2017 includes most reputable and top rated micro blogging sites. So before you go and register for any website let’s check the list of top ten microblogging sites for 2017.

Top 10 Microblogging Sites for 2017


Alexa Rank:  8

Page Rank:  10

About:    Twitter is a free social network that allows messaging, or “tweets” of up to 140 characters. Twitter is all about real-time events and updates.


Alexa Rank: 805

Page Rank:  9

About:  Foursquare gives you new ways of exploring your city, earn points, and unlock badges.


Alexa Rank: 1603

Page Rank: 0

About:    Ello is the social network for artists created by artists.


Alexa Rank: 1941

Page Rank:  7

About:    Plurk is a social networking journal and timeline for your life. You can share your life easily with friends, family and fans on Plurk. It’s easy to use and easy to see.


Alexa Rank: 2146

Page Rank: 8

About:    FriendFeed allows you to build a customized feed comprised of content that your friends on other collaborative sites have shared, including news articles, videos, photos and more.


Alexa Rank: 4368

Page Rank:  6

About:    Formspring allows users to create a box where friends can ask any questions to you or you can answer random questions from the community.


Alexa Rank: 32152

Page Rank: 7

About:    Dipity is a fun new way to get updates and collect the best information on the web about the topics you care about and organizes it for users.


Alexa Rank: 35398

Page Rank:  0

About:    Audioboo is a tool for making a boo of any clip of audio, a picture, a location, a title and a description and allow to record, upload and share audio.


Alexa Rank: 41899

Page Rank: 4

About:    Mobango is a mobile media sharing site you can get free games, applications, themes, ringtones, and tunes and downloads for your phone according to model of your device.


Alexa Rank: 45868

Page Rank: 7

About: Flattr is a social micropayment platform that lets you show love for the things you like. When you have money in your Flattr user account and you click on a Flattr button somewhere out on the web, you give that content creator real money.

We have made the list of top 10 micro blogging sites for 2017. This will give you the great experience of sharing your views or thoughts with other.

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