Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites 2016

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is the simple practice of saving web links to a social bookmarking website and “tagging” them with keywords.

Social Bookmarking Processes:

  • Create an account on social bookmarking site
  • Click on the new bookmark button
  • Choose the most relevant category for your bookmark
  • Write a short description or in some case site automatically fetch the description
  • Add tags/keywords of your site
  • Click submit button

What is the difference between bookmarking and social bookmarking?

Bookmarking is the way of saving the address of a Web site you on your computer; which you like to browse in future.

On the other hand social bookmarking is a method for you to store, tag and share web links across the internet. These links can be access from any computer anywhere anytime by you or anybody else in world.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

Helps to increase traffic

As lot of peoples visit these social bookmarking sites so chance of getting your bookmark popular and visit to your sites increases.

Helps in branding and popularization

As there are hundreds of good social bookmarking sites and they put your bookmark(website/blog) in front of millions of people that help in popularization and branding.

Link Building

Social bookmarking also helps in getting good links for your website which helps in increasing your website ranking in SERPs.

There are number of bookmarking sites available but the task is to find the best bookmarking sites. Here we would like to suggest you top ten bookmarking sites which are made by our expert team. This list of best bookmarking sites for 2016 includes most reputable and top rated bookmarking sites. So before you go and register for any website let’s check the list of top ten bookmarking sites for 2016.

Top 10 Bookmarking Sites
Alexa Rank: 26
Page Rank: 9
About: is also a hottest news sites in social media. You can “pin” images of any news and video from anywhere on the web.

Alexa Rank: 246
Page Rank: 8
About: StumbleUpon is the greatest web surfing site it brings you the most amazing stuff from anywhere in the world. It share news of any field whether it is about technology, politics etc.
Alexa Rank: 411
Page Rank: 7
About: is a bookmarking service offering real-time link tracking with URL redirection. You can create an account and shorten the length of link.

Alexa Rank: 1104
Page Rank: 6
About: It is a social bookmarking site which offers sharing your content with creativity and expression.

Alexa Rank: 1675
Page Rank: 8
About is the world’s leading social bookmarking website. Delicious allows users to create “stacks” to organize your favorite sites and browse more efficiently!

Alexa Rank: 2075
Page Rank: 7
About: Diigo is a portal where you can share your knowledge with the communities. Information can be from anywhere like industry, category and country around the world.

Alexa Rank: 2950
Page Rank: 6
About: is a most active bookmarking community in the world .Social Bookmarking site allows its users to save their favorite bookmarks online, and share them with their friends, family and followers.
Alexa Rank: 3357
Page Rank: 6
About: Dzone is a bookmarking community for developers to share thoughts and opinions on news in the coding and technology world.

Alexa Rank: 4283
Page Rank: 5
About: Wanelo is a portal which allows you to share pictures on image board to share your favorite things with you r friends, family and followers.

Alexa Rank: 5626
Page Rank: 6
About: X Marks offers bookmark synchronization, web discovery and search enhancement based on sites bookmarked by users.

We have made the list of top 10 bookmarking sites for 2016.This will give you the great experience sharing your interest with others. Hope this top bookmarking sites list will expand your social circle also.

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