Top Ten Community Sites for 2016

Community sites allow people to create forums, groups, and blogs to share their common interest. It provides you variety of tools for business or personal communication. Some community sites are specific to particular topics like politics, fashion, gender etc. It provides you all the information of your interest and allows you to share views. There are number of community sites available but the task is to find the best community sites. Here we would like to suggest you top ten community sites which are made by our expert team. This list of best community sites for 2016 includes most reputable and top rated community sites.

Top Ten Community Sites for 2016


Alexa Rank: 22

Page Rank:  9

About:    VK allows users to friend each other, post updates in text; image and video format. It is a Russia’s most popular social networking site.


Alexa Rank: 128

Page Rank:  8

About : SlideShare is a world’s largest presentation sharing community.


Alexa Rank: 134

Page Rank: 7

About:    Yelp is the top review and rating site in the social web. It provides users reviews of top restaurants, services, stores, clubs, bars, venues etc.


Alexa Rank: 305

Page Rank: 8

About:    Goodreads is a community to discuss books, learn about a great new book and make recommendations for others looking for new reading materials.


Alexa Rank: 340

Page Rank: 6

About:  It is a large gaming library which provides games straight to your computer’s desktop.


Alexa Rank: 594

Page Rank:  6

About:    Allows users to send, leave comments, browse photos, play games, watch videos, and give tags and chat.


Alexa Rank: 597

Page Rank: 0

About:   Netlog is a youth community to meet new people with similar interests and ideas


Alexa Rank: 684

Page Rank:  6

About:    Instructables is the biggest community site where people make and share projects, recipes, and hacks for all projects in life!


Alexa Rank: 737

Page Rank: 6

About: HubPages allows users to create “hubs” to focus on specific information. One hub can contain an entire library of research on particular matter.


Alexa Rank: 993

Page Rank: 7

About: It is a social network where thousands of networks created daily to share different things with different communities.

We have made the list of top 10 community sites for 2016. This will give you the great experience of sharing your interest with others. Hope this top community sites list will expand your social circle.

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