Top 10 RSS Feed Directories for 2017

What is RSS feed?

RSS feed means really simple syndication or Rich site summary which aggregates the blog or news of a website. RSS feeds frequently updates Blogs, News, Audios and Videos in a summarized manner. Peoples are usually in a search of information of their interest altogether in a single platform.  Every Blog are generally regularly updated with their upcoming news and articles of people’s interest for which the persons are usually looking for. Having a RSS feed on a blog is good for both people and for crawlers. RSS feed notifies its users automatically as any new story is updated. RSS acts as a good communication for business; it brings much traffic to our website and increases sales and profit. RSS feed aggregates feed from many websites and display them on single webpage for the convenience of readers.

We use RSS reader to read the regular updates of blogs or news. RSS reader is an application which is used to read the feeds. There are two types of RSS reader. Web reader and Desktop reader, the subscribed feed was stored on internet and can be accessible from any computer by web reader. While the subscribed feeds are downloaded to hard drive and can be accessible without internet. Google reader, Feed demon, News fire are most common RSS feed reader. RSS feed are very important for any website as it helps people to gather information of their need and notifies them regularly.

What is RSS Feed Directory?

RSS feed directories are similar to web directory as these are used to submit the RSS link to them. This helps people to gather RSS in any particular category for which there is searching of the Information. There are three types of RSS directory submission free submission, Paid submission and Reciprocal submission.

Free submission: These are those submissions where we do not have to pay any amount for submitting our RSS link. Although there is no guarantee to accept of such submission but it takes time and connect to our RSS feed.

Paid submission: Those RSS directory which accept a particular amount and guarantees the approval of link. We can say it is an instant approval submission type.

Reciprocal submission: This type of submission which are neither free nor paid but they give a reciprocal link which should be added to our website only then our RSS will be displayed on these directories.

There are number of RSS Feed Directories available but the task is to find the best RSS Feed Directories. Here we would like to suggest you top ten RSS Feed Directories which are made by our expert team.

Following is the list of top 10 RSS Feed Directories for 2016


Alexa Rank: 18316

Page Rank: 6


Alexa Rank: 18749

Page Rank: 4


Alexa Rank: 24089

Page Rank: 6


Alexa Rank: 25417

Page Rank: 6


Alexa Rank: 35663

Page Rank: 5


Alexa Rank: 36952

Page Rank:  3


Alexa Rank: 37991

Page Rank: 5


Alexa Rank: 38161

Page Rank:  6


Alexa Rank: 42414

Page Rank: 5

Alexa Rank: 55750

Page Rank: 3

We have made the list of Top 10 RSS Feed Directories for 2016. This will give you the great experience sharing your interest with others.

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