Vasant Panchami

What is Vasant Panchami | Meaning

According to the Hindu mythology Vasant Panchami is celebrated as birthday of Goddess Saraswati and coming of spring. Vasant Panchami is celebrated all across the India. Vasant Panchami is also known as Saraswati Pooja.

Vasant Panchami Date 2015

24th January 2015 (Saturday)

Vasant Panchami Puja Muhurta ( मुहूर्त )2015

From Morning 09:25 to 011:30 AM

Vasant Panchami Pujan Samagri

अगरबत्ती Incense stick
पान Betel Leave
नारियल Coconut
सिक्के Coins
धूप Dhoop Batti
फूल , चावल , रोली Flowers , rice , Roli
गंगा जल ( पवित्र जल ) Ganga water ( pure water )
माला Garland
कपूर Kapoor
इत्र Perfume
देवी सरस्वती की फोटो Photo or image of Goddess Saraswati
मिठाई Sweet
बाती, तेल / घी और माचिस Wick , oil / ghee and Matchbox

How to do the Vasant Panchami Puja | Saraswati Pooja Vidhi

  • To start Vasant Panchami Puja first break a coconut at worship place.
  • Sprinkle some Ganga jal on the palce and on pujan samgri .
  • Lit a diya with two wicks or two lamps.
  • First worship Lord Ganesha
  • Next worship to Goddess Saraswati
  • Put roly tilak on Goddess Saraswati photo followed by akshat, flowers, garland, perfume and dakshina(coins).
  • Place sweets infornt of Goddess Saraswati
  • Chant Saraswati Mantra, and Saraswati Chalisa
  • Now do Saraswati Aarti
  • Distribute the prasad. wish you a very happy and prosperous Vasant Panchami/Saraswati Puja 2015.

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