Vastu Tips | वास्तु टिप्स

Some Simple Vastu Tips for Good Fortune

Vastu Tips

  • Hang crystal balls in the windows of the bedroom so the light which comes in the bedroom through crystal ball will bring positive energy which will makes you healthier and energized.

  • Putting a nameplate in front of Main Gate bring lucks according to Vastu Shashtra

  • Put a mirror in front of your money vault or place you keep your money, this will bring lot of gain in your wealth.

  • Lit a lamp, and  incense sticks daily in morning and evening, this bring positive energy and keep away negative energy from the place.

  • Always keep your place clean and keep away junk, this also keep away negative energy.

  • To enhance the positive energy of the house, clean your house with the water mixed with sea salt.

  • Don’t keep any stopped or broken watch in House.

  • To enhance the positive energy at home, keep a lemon in glass of water and change it every Saturday.

  • Keeping salt pieces in glass bowl in every corner of home/office absorbs all negative energy of the place.

  • Putting a mirror on roof above the dinning table brings fortune in house.

  • Place Swastik, Trishul and Om symbols at the Main Door of your house.

  • Place holy water (GangaJal) at dark or unused corners of your house and change it weekly.

Use all the above Vastu Tips to bring fortune in your life.


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