Navratri Pujan Vidhi | Durga Pooja Vidhi

Navaratri is very important hinuds Festival.It is very important for all to know the pooja vidhi of navratri pujan.Here you get all the details of puja vidhi .

Goddess Durga is Worshipped under nine different names in Navratri.Goddess Durga is workshipped in nine days as respectively :

  1. Shailputri
  2. Brahmacharini
  3. Chandraghanta
  4. Kuchmanda
  5. Skand Mata
  6. Katyayani
  7. Kalratri
  8. Maha Gauri
  9. Siddhidatri

Navratri Pujan Vidhi/ Navaratri Pooja Vidhi

  • Clean the place where Navratri/Navdurga puja will be perform
  • Seat on a clean Aasan.
  • Arrange all puja samagri in a puja thali.
  • On a raised platform spread a new cloth.
  • Sprinkle this holi water (Ganga jal) on all puja samagri to purify them.
  • Place a handful of Akshata/Chawal (Rice) in the centre and place a kalash.
  • Fill three-fourth of the kalashwith Ganga Jal (holy water) and place a Supari (betel nut), a flower (Phool) and some Chawal (rice) in it.
  • Arrange mango leaves (Aam ke Patte) in the kalash (finial).
  • Put the idol of Durga on the cloth.
  • Light a deepak (Lamp) with Ghee and the Agarbatti (Incense sticks).
  • Lit Dhoop batti.
  • Begin the Durga pujaby offering haldi (Turmeric), kumkum, and flowers to the Durga.
  • Offer a garland to the Durga.
  • Offer Chandan (sandal) to Durga.
  • Offer Sindoor (vermilion) to Durga.
  • Offer Attar (Scent) to Durga .
  • Offer mithayi (sweets), Nariyal (coconut) and fruits.
  • Offer Mewa (Dry fruits) to Durga.
  • Finally, perform Durga aarti with Karpoor (Camphor) and deepak.
  • At the end distribute the prasad to all present members.

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